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Can skilled people message me after I review their business?

Yes! We are a customer focused website, by offering the opportunity to open a dialogue, it helps to better understand why a service was outstanding or not good enough.

How about London, Tokyo, Toronto?

Currently we are covering the US, UK, France, Switzerland and Belgium. But don't worry, we understand that skilled people are everywhere and we are working on it!

Is Skilto in my hometown?

Skilto is designed to be local, so that you can see who in your street and town has a a skill to help you.

Who can see me and my Profile?

Skilto do not share or sell your information and believe in keeping your information safe. Edit your privacy settings under the "My Skilto" section.

Who is using Skilto?

Skilto offers you and other skilled people the opportunity to display their skills to the local community and make a profit.

We believe that anyone can benefit from a good service, whether it is a student who helps you gardening or repair your pc, as well as professionals such as the best dentist or plumber in town. Try it for yourself!

Why are my reviews showing up on Facebook and Google?

By sharing your reviews on various websites, it enables people all around the world to benefit from your comments, which we believe is what internet is all about.

Why should I be reviewing on Skilto?

We believe in internet as a source to find good advices and recommendations.

By reviewing someone on Skilto, you will be able increase the trust co-efficient in your community.

Furthermore, your friend reviews will be the first one displayed in the search results, so you know how to make the best decision based on them.


I have received a new password but I still cannot connect

Once you have received a new password, log in to your account by cliking on the "My Skilto" tab.

Passwords are case-sensitive so be careful not to miss any capital/non-capital letter in the password you have received.


How do I delete a recommendation?

Please contact the Skilto support team to delete a recommendation posted on your profile. Do not forget to specify which one you would like to be removed if you have multiple recommendations on your profile.

How do I verify my Skilto account?

We have various verification levels on our website, as it increases the trust level for your potential clients.

To verify your email, please click on the link provided in the email you received when registering.

Is it possible to delete a question posted on my profile?

Yes, just log in to "My Skilto" and choose the left menu "Profile questions" to manage (read, answer or delete) the posts on your profile.